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Structural Engineering


Australian Capital Territory


Scope of Works:
Structural Engineering
Post Tension Design
Shoring Design
Value Engineering
Temporary Works Design
Precast Panel Shop Drawings

This 350 unit residential development project consists of three towers varying from 9-12 levels with a large podium and two basements connecting the towers. Structural Features include: Combination Reinforced in situ and Precast Core walls use to resist lateral loads such as earthquake and wind. Post tension slabs for the floor systems for all levels. Level 1 podium consist of a 25m suspended pool.

The precast panel shop drawings consisted of 1000 panels. Due to the tight time frame and Industry resources three different precast manufactures supplied the project. 1 per tower. Indesco also the main project engineer, documented the panels for all precast suppliers. Consistency and clarity in the documentation lead to all three precast suppliers achieving expectation in timing and delivery.