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Telopea Park School Courtyard

Telopea Park School Courtyard


Australian Capital Territory


Indesco prepared concept plans and detailed design for new courtyards in the historic Telopea Park School. The existing school courtyards consisted of fragmented shrub planting, lack of seating and patching asphalt.

Our team modernised the courtyard by creating a curved amphitheatre space with seating and shade. We formulated several design options and collaborated with the School and ACT Education Directorate to rationalise the level changes, so that they enhance accessibility and provide opportunities for terrace seating and a multi-purpose shaded gathering space.

The landscape draws on the heritage of the site; the curve is a reflection of the curve of New South Wales Crescent and the school drop off/entry. This design feature aligns with the Sydney Avenue axis, and provides a central gathering area and amphitheatre focused on the cafeteria building.
The removal of existing overgrown shrubs and installation of new low shrub planting and small canopy shade trees improves visual and physical permeability and responds to the high use environment of a school. Existing walls were transformed into comfortable seating walls and new pavements include line markings for handball and informal sports.

Highlights of the project include colourful seating plinths and multi-use benches that add personality to the site. The composition of the amphitheatre, shade structure and seating arrangements allows the space to be used for a variety of school activities and encourages social interaction.