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TCCS Stimulus Package #1 – Community Path Upgrades

TCCS Stimulus Package #1 – Community Path Upgrades


Australian Capital Territory


The Community Path Upgrades project was constructed on behalf of Transport Canberra and City Services and formed part of the first Stimulus funding package due to COVID-19. The scope of works included new path connections to bus stops and through open spaces along existing desire lines. This project included an incredibly tight timeline for both the design and construction components of the project due to funding requirements.

The scope of work required joint site inspection with all key stakeholders across the 6 priority sites, followed by a 2-week documentation period and 4-week construction period. Project timeframes were met with joint site inspections to confirm site constraints, preferred design outcome and documentation requirements.

Works required on site route selection without survey and clear design requirements/objectives to enable construction timeframes to be met.