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Sullivans Creek Flood Mapping – Outline design for Kenny Pond

Sullivans Creek Flood Mapping – Outline design for Kenny Pond


Australian Capital Territory


Indesco were engaged by the LDA to undertake a flood mapping for the section of the Sullivans Creek catchment between Horse Park Drive and Flemington Road (future suburb of Kenny), based on an outline design of the stormwater drainage management provisions consisting of a floodway and a water quality control pond/retarding basin for the current land development intentions for the area.

The future developments require that the constraints of the Sullivans Creek be established and design parameters be determined to achieve flood protection standards for Kenny as well as to control stormwater runoff quality discharging into Sullivans Creek, whilst providing the required infrastructure

The Scope of Work included:
· Deriving a hydrologic model for the catchment;
· Design of a floodway to preplace the existing creek with capacity to carry design runoff from the developed catchment;
· Undertaking preliminary water quality modeling for the catchment and to provide an outline design for a water quality control pond to treat the runoff from the developed catchment;
· Determining the flood retardation effects of the pond using the hydrologic model;
· Determining backwater effects in the floodway from the pond and to define the 2-year and 100-year flood levels in the catchment;

Production of sketches and a report covering the flood mapping and the outline design.