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Forde Residential Estate

Forde Residential Estate


Australian Capital Territory


Indesco was engaged by Forde Developments to provide construction superintendence and site surveillance services for stages 2 & 4 of Forde Residential Estate. The project was a joint venture between CIC, Lendlease and the ACT Government, following a long pause in residential development within the ACT. It consisted of 1,200 dwellings with Indesco providing services for more than 750 dwellings.

Stages 2 and 4 comprise around 760 residential lots, a commercial area for a local shopping centre, a site for a private school and large ornamental ponds / wetlands which provided a key landscape feature for the estate as well as water quality control. The project included ponds, major access for an arterial road and two bridges.

One of the major challenges was the Global Financial Crisis, and as a result staging and restaging occurred regularly to meet the fluctuation of demand.

Many innovations developed during this project have become part of contemporary land development elements and processes in used within the ACT today. They included permeable kerbs, tree pits, estate constructed driveways , community title blocks and a pedestrian friendly environment that is easily traversed. Tree retention, community parks and dog parks were also initiated by the project.

Construction value for the works was in the region of $32m. The works were delivered through a number of stages in line with the land release strategy developed by the client.