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Curtin Section 99 Blocks 12 & 13 Site Investigations

Curtin Section 99 Blocks 12 & 13 Site Investigations


Australian Capital Territory


Indesco was engaged by the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) in to prepare a Gap Analysis Report for Curtin Section 99 Blocks 12 & 13. The intent of the study was to review previous studies on the site, in order to understand the potential nature and scope of works required to facilitate the sale of the site for redevelopment. This study also identified gaps in the scope or currency of previous studies on the site, to recommend additional studies or reports.

Following this, Indesco was later further engaged to prepare a Site Investigation Report for the site, to identify the existing infrastructure and conditions at the site and to provide advice on further infrastructure investigations required to support redevelopment of the site. The site contains a former school building and associated infrastructure which was subsequently used to accommodate ACT Emergency Services Authority (ESA) and ACT Health. The Phase 2 investigation was required to be undertaken for the subject site to confirm the presence of these PAEC’s, and develop a remediation action plan to ensure that the potential contaminates can be treated to allow the site to be redeveloped for future use.