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Calwell, Wanniassa, Bruce and Kippax Park and Ride facilities

Calwell, Wanniassa, Bruce and Kippax Park and Ride facilities


Australian Capital Territory


These projects are the result of the Transport for Canberra Action Plan which is directed at improving the ACT public transport system under the Park and Ride Strategy for the ACT. Several key locations were determined for Park and Ride facilities. These include Calwell, Wanniassa, Bruce, and Kippax.

Indesco was engaged to carry out the detailed design and supervise the construction of all four facilities. The Kippax and Weston Creek facilities also included Bike and Ride capacity with a new bike cage being provided as part of the works.

At some of the locations existing pavements were utilised where possible. The scope of the design expanded to adjacent paths and verges to ensure safe pedestrian movements around site¬s. Bike cages were added during the project and the team worked closely with the supplier to organise an ACT prototype and obtain necessary approvals.