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Bombo Headland Eco Walk, Kiama

Bombo Headland Eco Walk, Kiama


Civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, stakeholder consultation


Kiama, NSW


The Bombo Headland area is visually unique comprising a legacy quarry site fronting the ocean, with the site listed on the State Heritage Register and identified as containing threatened ecology.

Indesco is undertaking site investigation and detailed design services for the proposed construction of a stairway, attached to existing rock form, which will link the rock shelf to a walking trail on the top of the Bombo Headland. There are several existing footpath networks on the top and bottom of the headland and the proposed stairway will provide increased connectivity, safety and amenity for the public.

The investigation and design services provided will inform the Bombo Headland Eco Walk project, which aims to identify the appropriate location and design for the stairs, considering stakeholder inputs, environmental and design constraints.

Indesco will also prepare documentation for the successful submission of a development application and construction certificate as well as construction documentation for tender.

As well as providing civil and structural engineering along with landscape architecture services, Indesco will manage subconsultants to deliver planning approvals, geotechnical engineering, heritage and ecology.