"Our reliability is a key factor for our clients managing their own corporate and project risk"



Angus Gorman

Managing Director

B.Eng (Civil), MSc. (Project Management), FIEAust, CPEng, EngExec, NER, Management Systems Lead Auditor

Angus is the Managing Director of Indesco with tertiary qualifications in Civil Engineering and Project Management. He is also an accredited lead auditor. Angus has over 20 years experience managing multi-disciplinary projects and the design, documentation and construction of engineering infrastructure associated with urban development. He also offers experience in procurement, construction management and contract administration.
As Managing Director, Angus also oversees a range of business operations.

Viet Le


FIE Aust, CPEng, NPER, B.Eng – Graduate Diploma in Computing Studies

Viet is a Director of Indesco and leads the Infrastructure and Land Development team. He has over 30 years experience in civil engineering, specialising in water resources and land development. Viet is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has gained extensive experience from international professional placements and significant ACT land development projects. His professional career has encompassed a wide variety of responsibilities relating to design, construction and institutional strengthening. Viet is regarded as a leading local authority in both water resources and land development. He prides himself on delivering innovative design solutions and thinking outside the box to generate real value for his clients.

Aaron Hazelton


B.E. (Hons), BSc, FIE Aust, CPEng, NPER, RPEQ, RBP, Committee Member, Concrete Institute of Australia

Aaron is a Director of Indesco and Principal Structural Engineer. He has over 10 years of experience in structural design and project leadership. His expertise extends across all areas of structural engineering. He has a strong client focus and is outcome orientated. Aaron currently sits on the board of the Concrete Institute of Australia, Canberra chapter, and is passionate about mentoring junior engineers.

Anna Nagalingam


B.E. (Hons), B.Bus (Hons), Grad.Cert Geomechanics, MIE Aust, CPEng

Anna is a qualified Civil Engineer, Chartered Professional Engineer, and Director of Indesco. She has over 15 years experience, both in Australia and overseas. Anna specialises in project management and land development. She has been actively involved in a range of land development projects in the ACT.
Anna’s experience extends across a range of disciplines which affords her the flexibility to integrate quickly into project teams. Her strengths include effective stakeholder engagement and an in-depth understanding of ACT technical standards.

Senior Team Members

Dave Southgate

Principal Structural Engineer

B.Eng (Hons), MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ VBA Building Practioner

Dave is a Senior Structural Engineer with over 10 years experience consulting within the Sydney area. Dave has built a reputation of success based on dedication to providing clients with cost effective and constructible solutions. With an eagerness to listen and engage with clients directly, Dave is able to provide designs that best meet client needs. Dave is experienced with a range of Structures and specialises in post tension design, concrete structures and shoring systems.

Paul Brookbanks

Principal Landscape Architect


Paul is the Principal Landscape Architect in our Canberra office. With over 20 years of experience in landscape architecture and urban design, Paul has covered a wide range of national and international projects including the 2008 Beijing Athletes Village and Henry Rolland Park, West Basin. Paul is extremely passionate about great design solutions. His successful career has been built on a foundation of strong client engagement. Recent awards and recognition for Paul’s designs include national AILA awards, Wuxi Lihu Waterfront Parklands and Bengbu Longzi Lake Waterfront Parklands.

Kelly MacDonald

Principal Civil Engineer


Kelly is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 14 years of engineering experience in both municipal and resource engineering sectors. He has designed several hundred kilometres of municipal and resource roads, designed numerous resource bridges, inspected hundreds of bridges and road structures, and has provided construction monitoring/on-site engineering services for various infrastructure projects in Australia and Canada.

Mark Rigoni

Principal Civil Engineer

M.Eng (Civil), B.Eng (Hons) (Env), MIEAust, CPEng, NER

Mark is a Chartered Professional Engineer with close to 15 years’ experience in the planning, design and construction management of development projects. His experience is across both government and private sectors throughout Australia and Canada. Mark has been primarily responsible for the project and construction management of urban development and civil infrastructure projects.

Ryhan Thomson

Principal Civil Engineer

B.Eng (Hons), B.App.Sci (Env.), MIEAust

Ryhan has been appointed as Principal Civil Engineer and brings close to 20 years experience both in Australia and overseas. Since 2010 he has been based in the Illawarra working as Project Director on a broad range of urban development and civil infrastructure projects across the South Coast and South West Sydney regions.

Darren Benson

Principal Construction Phase Services

Darren is a Senior Construction Manager with over 25 years experience in engineering and construction for both government
and the private sector. He has extensive experience in both project management and construction of civil projects, with key
strengths in leading multi-disciplinary teams for major residential and industrial land development projects, and road and
infrastructure projects.

Nathan Turnbull

Senior Construction Manager

Dip.App.Sc, DipPM, Laboratory Techniques 2008, Cert IV

Nathan is a Senior Construction Manager with over 15 years experience in supervision, coordination and the construction management of civil infrastructure projects. Over the past 10 years Nathan has been in charge of delivering major land developments and civil infrastructure projects across the ACT for both private and public sector clients.

Kha Nguyen

Senior Civil Engineer

B.Eng (Hons)(Civil), B.Eng (Mechanical)

Kha is a Senior Civil Engineer with over 8 years experience specialising in water resources and land development. Kha has been heavily involved in stormwater modelling, hydraulic master plans and road design of small to medium sized residential developments. Kha leads a team of designers, drafters and junior engineers to successfully achieve project outcomes.

Matt Hill

Senior Structural Engineer

B.Eng, MIEAust

Matthew is a Senior Structural Engineer with over 15 years experience. Matthew has been involved in structural design, detailing of projects and structural site inspections. He has worked on a range of structures including residential housing and apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and industrial structures. Matthew is experienced with a variety of materials such as reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, structural concrete, structural steel, masonry and timber.

Michael Smith

Senior Structural Engineer

B.Eng (Hons) (Civil), MIEAust, Young Engineers Australia Illawarra, University of Wollongong Civil Engineering Society

Michael is an experienced Professional Engineer with over 8 years of engineering experience. He has been involved in many large and small projects within Wollongong and the surrounding area, bringing to the team expertise in structural design, feasibility studies, preliminary post-tensioned design and more.

Karl Martin

Senior Civil Engineer

B. Systems Eng (Hons)

Karl is a qualified Civil Engineer who has over 7 years experience in a variety of projects including land development,
infrastructure and building services. Karl specialises in Water Resources and land development and has expertise in
stormwater modelling and civil design.

Mark Hulme

Senior Civil Design Engineer


Mark is a Civil Design Engineer with over 8 years’ experience in civil engineering design, project management and project delivery. He has specialised experience in land development, linear works, bulk earthworks, stormwater, sewer, water servicing and water quality. Mark has applied this experience in his roles as lead designer and verifier on several large scale infrastructure projects in South West Sydney, Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions.