Indesco received Regional Achievement Award at AILA ACT 2020!

Indesco is pleased to announce a night of success on the 18th June for the AILA ACT Landscape Architecture Awards! In a joint award with Enviro Links Design, the ACT Healthy Waterways project took home not only the Landscape Architecture Award for the Infrastructure category, but also the inaugural 2020 Regional Achievement in Landscape Architecture Award.

The Healthy Waterways project has been an example of collaboration and leadership producing excellent results. The improved waterways are a change in how water moves around urban landscapes and how water is filtered of pollutants before entering larger catchments downstream. These outstanding results not only benefit the ACT and adjoining NSW catchment areas but contribute to the larger Murray Darling catchments, that eventually flow into the Southern Ocean.

Indesco and Enviro Links, working in partnership, have fostered experiences that enhance the quality of life through the application of best practice research, industry collaboration, innovation and coordinated documentation. Research into sources of stormwater pollution and how pollutants behave in lakes and ponds is helping the ACT, and the landscape architecture profession, to better understand how to manage water quality.

Congratulations to all winners for the Awards night, and a big thank you to the AILA ACT Jury in recognising the efforts of the Indesco and Enviro Links teams!

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