Indesco contributes to happier and healthier waterways in ACT

ACT Healthy Waterways site recently completed


The Indesco team has been busy working away on upgrades for the ACT Healthy Waterways program, which hopes to see cleaner water throughout the ACT and downstream river systems. The ACT Healthy Waterways project is a joint initiative of the ACT and Australian governments, which aims to improve the quality of water throughout our rivers, lakes and waterways, through the construction of stormwater treatment assets including bioretention systems, ponds, channels and wetlands. As our local lakes and waterways not only contribute to beautiful landscape, but also provide places for recreation and a means of supporting local business such as farming activities, it is essential that water quality throughout the region is cared for.

Indesco has provided civil and landscape design for 11 sites within the ACT Healthy Waterways project within the Tuggeranong, Fyshwick and Upper Molonglo priority catchments. 10 of these sites have progressed to construction and currently nearing practical completion. The first site to be completed is located adjacent to Upper Stranger Pond which is a 5200m2 bioretention system. The site will treat up to 1,800L/s of stormwater in rain events before discharging to lake Tuggeranong via Upper Stranger Pond.

In Indesco’s Civil and Landscape design role, we are proud to play a part in celebrating our beautiful surroundings and improving the quality of water for the ACT community and downstream regions. Read more about our work for ACT Healthy Waterways on our project page here.

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