Canberra Welcomes New Natural Play Spaces


Indesco’s Landscape team has been involved in the development of designs for a series of new nature play spaces in ACT district parks. During the design stage, Indesco created a unique identity for each site, with Kambah following a giant spiral and Yerrabi based on long neck turtles that are part of the local ecology.

Indesco has undertaken a multitude of play space, recreation, open space, and detail design projects of many scales to create functional and lasting natural play spaces. In recent years Indesco has delivered a number of significant play spaces including natural play and all inclusive destinations.


The play spaces at Kambah Adventure Playground and Yerrabi Pond District Park in Gungahlin have just recently opened. The new natural play spaces capture each location’s unique landscape character and encourage interaction between the community and nature. The structures themselves integrate sculptural and artistic approaches to design and materials use, making them distinctive, memorable and stimulating. Integrated sculptures, by Wellspring  Arts, express the spirit of the place and community; foster learning, exploration and imagination; and create special places children, young people and families want to be in.

Indesco’s landscape architecture team has rapidly gained a reputation for delivering high quality creative work and reliable project management services. Paul Brookbanks was appointed Principal Landscape Architect in 2016 and the team has harnessed its considerable talents towards designing and creating better environments in the ACT and beyond. The relative youth of the Landscape Architecture team provides our clients with fresh and exciting ideas for their projects. We place a strong emphasis on innovation and we are always looking for ways to incorporate new ways of thinking into our designs.


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