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Flemington Road Ponds and Wetlands

Flemington Road Ponds and Wetlands


Australian Capital Territory


The Sullivans Creek Infrastructure Review undertaken by Indesco reviewed the proposed wetlands proposed by SCCG, quantified their effectiveness and recommended a number of improvements. Indesco were subsequently engaged to implement one of the recommendations from the Review of Infrastructure Planning for Sullivans Creek Catchment Study to improve water quality in Sullivans Creek and to provide a wildlife conservation precinct in the Sullivans Creek catchment adjacent to Flemington Road.

The objective was for the wetlands to serve the following objectives:
· Reduction of stormwater flow velocity down Sullivans Creek to provide an opportunity for the removal of the concrete invert above the Southwell Park Retarding Basin
· Provision of water quality treatment facilities to command runoff from the Mitchell Industrial Area
· Creation of a conservation area in the area incorporating recreational, educational and ecological improvements for the precinct
· Development of an inter government community project to demonstrate how environmental concerns can be resolved.
· Application of water sensitive urban design principles to harvest and reuse stormwater runoff effectively.

The project addressed the issues and site constraints and there were also consultations with the key stakeholders. It proposed the development of a wetland with potential for new aquatic and bird habitats with the likely result of the creation of a most valuable creative conservation site in the Sullivans Creek Catchment. It also provided estimates of cost for the construction work. The wetlands were subsequently designed by the firm and constructed.