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Community Commitment

Indesco is committed to investing in and giving back to our community. The directors of Indesco acknowledge that we are part of the local community and are all committed to maintaining a strong local community focus.  Indesco involves itself in the community through charitable organisations and other works of benefit to the local community. Indesco has provided pro bono consulting services for a number of community developments in the region, including:


World Peace Bell

Indesco provided pro bono design services for structural and civil works for the proposed World Peace Bell Pavilion at Nara Park, Canberra. World Peace Bells are an internationally respected symbol of a united community and provide a place where people can unite in a prayer for peace and to remind all of the cruelty of war and the important value of peace for the generations to come.


Kulture Break



During 2016, Indesco is sponsoring three children to complete the Kulture Break program. Kulture Break is a non-profit charitable organisation committed to the well being, transformation and empowerment of young people within the community through engaging them in a safe, active and productive environment using the fine arts as a form of expression.


SIDs and Kids


In 2014 and 2015 Indesco provided pro bono structural consultancy services and general advice for the SIDs and Kids lighting display in Civic at Christmas. Indesco is providing pro-bono consultancy services for the project again in 2016.


Boundless Playground


Indesco played a major role in the design of ‘Boundless’ Canberra Centennial National Playground in Kings Park. The playground is accessible to all, and enables children to play side by side regardless of age or ability. Indesco Landscape Architects designed the overall master plan and detailed playground areas. Indesco Civil Engineers provided the civil design to the project. Indesco applied their design skills to the project pro bono in support of the community centenary initiatives.